Programming the USB reminder

You can set the time before alarm, the time between alarms and the number of alarms. After the number of alarms the reminder will go in sleep mode. This to preserve the batteries.

First take out the USB-stick. Press and hold the internal button until you hear 3 beeps.
Now press one time for each minute of the alarm time. After 10 presses the increment goes to 5 minutes. The unit beeps one time for each press.
So 1 press = one minute 2 press is 2 minutes .. 10 press is 10 minutes 11 press is 15 minutes 12 press is 20 minutes and so on

Next wait until you hear 4 beeps.
In the same way you can set the interval between alarms. 1 press means 10 seconds 2 press means 20 seconds and so on.

Next wait until you hear 4 beeps.
One press is 10 alarms 2 press is 20 alarms and so on. If you press 20 times or more it will never go in sleep mode ;

finally you will here 7 beeps.
If you do not press the button between series of beeps the default values will apply.
Default it will alarm after 5 minutes and repeat every minute for 30 times.