Products made and invented by Aad van der Geest

triple delta robot

robot arm that consists of multiple delta robots on top of each other

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Full color three dimensional printer

produced by 3D printer

Just like a printer converts a 2 dimensional image from the computer memory into a hardcopy, this machine converts a 3 dimensional shape in a computer memory into a three-dimensional model. Unlike other so called "rapid prototyping systems" this machine not only creates the shape, but also the colors of the model. The machine is very fast and need not cost very much.
This machine, developed by Van der Geest, is patented (US6403002) all over the world.

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climate controller

climate controler

Van der Geest developed this apparatus for controlling the climate in greenhouses. This controller is specially tailored to a certain type of greenhouse that is used by flower growers in Holland.

Telephone number converter

telephone number converter
In 1995 many of the telephone numbers in Holland were changed. Van der Geest invented and developed an electronic device with which one can easily convert an old telephone number to a new number. A large supermarket chain in Holland sold this product to consumers.

Euro converter

euro converter

When the Euro was introduced Van der Geest developed this euro converter. Most people agree that this one is much easier to use than all other euro converters that came on the market. A patent (NL1006158C) was granted for this product.

Foldable bathtub

foldable bathtub

This bathtub can be folded into a small package. It can be used for bathing outside or inside. It is patented (NL1022402). It has been on the market for some time.

Higher Eyes

higher eyes   higher eyes

This product helps you to look over a crowd. It can easily be folded in a small package. It never went in production but it was a great succes at a television show.

small delta robot

demo video of the delta robot playing frog game

Xray picture analyzing software

xray of flower xray of flower

This software analyzes xray pictures of flowers in a flower sorting machine. It counts the number of buts and detects the thickness of the stem.

Inteligent line scan camera

3d design
line scan camera

schematic scan camera

The line scan camera has built in ARM processor. It can analyze products on a conveyer belt. This product made by spitstechniek includes mechanical, electronics and software-design. Initial units are used to analyse orientation of mushrooms.

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Other Patent applications: NL9201096 NL9201400 NL9202068 NL1011849 NL1015977