ColorPod with two containers with movable bottom

During printing the bottom of the feeder box goes up. The bottom in the model box goes down.
A spinning roller is used to wipe a thin layer of powder from the feeder box to the model box.

Before you put in inkjet cartridges you must test them by pressing absorbing paper against the ink openings,
The paper from the colored cartridge must show 3 colored lines.

Next you can put in the cartridges. When you press this button the cartridges are tested.

You may have to wiggle and knock on the cartridges to make it fully connected.
When they are properly connected both of the red diagonal lines are gone.

Before you start printing you need align tape ready. Put some powder on the sticky side of adhesive tape and spread it out.

Next the cartridges must be aligned. Put the sticky tape with the powdered side up under the small metal plate.

Press home. Also press the Wtr and Ink buttons a few times to activate the cartridges

Press align

The pattern on the tape should look like this. In this case the alignment next to 4 and above -4 are the best.

You must enter best alignments here. In this example 4 and -4

Press "load pwdr"

The feeder must be sent down about 15% more than the height of the model you are going to print. max is 65mm. The machine will break if you go too far down.

The bottom of the model box will go up.

Put powder in the boxes.

Move the boxes until the powder has one flat surface over the boxes.

Use this function several times until you see that powder layers are properly transfered to the model box.

This number is the amount the feeder goes up in steps of 0.01mm. during the printing You can change it with left and right mouse clicks.
It is best to start with a high value (ie 36). After some layers you can set it to just a little higher than the actual layer (12) .

After clicking this you can select an STL or OBJ file (3d model file). After selecting some processing is done

Activate the cartridges. Press each of these 3 times wait for 1 second after each press

Start the printing

Busy printing...

When finished printing take out the cartridges and store them in a airtight box. The model in the powder becomes stronger if you let it dry for a day. To take out the model press "home" , "<--->" and "Z-reset" and next the model can be taken out with this tool. The remaining powder must be sieved before it can be reused.

The tool is put on a special pedestal.

A transparent plastic liner is put over the model.

This way you can blow away the powder without creating a mess.

The models become stronger and the colors more bright by spraying clear varnish on it