- Full color three dimensional printer -

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Just like a printer converts a 2 dimensional image from the computer memory into a hardcopy, this machine converts a 3 dimensional shape in a computer memory into three dimensional model.
Unlike other so called "rapid prototyping systems" this machine not only creates the shape, but also the colors of the model. The machine is very fast and need not cost very much.
This printer can be used for many applications like :

Initially this is a machine for the professional market. Designers and architects can use this machine to view and hold their newly designed products and discuss it with their customer. In the long run this three dimensional printer can become a consumer product.
On the picture some products which are built with the printer are shown. The large Porsche (135 X 50 X 45 mm) was built in 40 minutes. The bicycle took only 7 minutes to build.

The prototype 3D-printer the weights only 13kg and measures 455 X 440 X 290 mm It can make objects up to the size of 200 X 150 X 100 mm .

3d machine

A patent application is filed for this machine.

Developed by: A.F. van der Geest, Email: spitstec@wxs.nl